We moved (well, almost three weeks ago)

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A small blogging hiatus! We actually moved almost three weeks ago on Saturday and I didn’t write about it yet. Most of the boxes and chairs and so got moved that day. Later that week I cleaned out the shed and packed up my study room (which was the only one we didn’t get around to pack on that Saturday).

It felt good to actually sleep in our new house. There was one drawback: our house was stuffed with boxes. Boxes that we couldn’t unpack yet as the cabinets weren’t re-assembled yet or in any case weren’t in their proper place yet. Slowly we’re digging ourselves out of this mess.

I’m mostly to blame for it as I planned the moving date right after my three-week holiday (which I spend working on the new house). I had to get back to work at that point so I figured we’d better move beforehand. In the end, waiting a week and prepping the house better would have been handier.

On the other hand, moving over helped me to concentrate more on my work in the weeks afterwards :-)

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