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The last week, it rained a lot. And we got some wetness problems. First in front of the house. We ought to notify the municipality that the pavement needs re-paving in some places, as several sections are simply inaccessible with rain:

flooded pavement

It was worse out back. We’ve got a small back alley behind the house to get to our back yard. One meter wide. The central drain was clogged, which flooded the entire alley with 5cm of water. Which is OK to cycle through, but we’ve got to stop at the end to make the turn to our garden. Splash. Wet feet. Here’s the canal, eh, the back alley:

flooded back alley

Note that a neighbour worked away at the clogged drain and got it working again. The water was gone in 15 minutes.

Part of that back alley actually deposits water in our very own back yard. Here’s a photo of my feet just inside our back yard. 10cm deep!

wet feet

We’re planning a small pond in our garden, but to have one occur naturally is not quite the intention:

undesired pond

So: we’ve got some work to do to keep the water out of our garden :-)

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