Train on the wall

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We ordered a custom wallpaper for our son’s room. A big train. There’s a company at (and a lot of other European country-related domains) that can print your photo.

  • Good print quality. I didn’t see any defects. We’ve got two wallpapers (also one for our room) and both are fine. Good colors (at least to my eyes).

  • Excellent wallpaper. It is a so-called vinyl wallpaper and that’s a different kettle from the mess you had 20 years ago with regular paper wallpaper. You can adjust and re-adjust to your heart’s content. Which is of course important when needing to assemble several sections into one continuous photo :-)

  • Make sure you’ve got a high resolution picture. One of our two is at the minimum recommended resolution and that’s fine, but the higher resolution one is noticably better.

So here’s a photo of the photo:

Photo wallpaper logo

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