Kitchen is operational

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Two big things happened in the last two days:

  • Five people in total from our church helped out in painting and wallpapering parts of our house. Two especially: they came both days! And man, it was hard to get the wallpaper on right in our living room walls. Glad they got it done!

  • I got the kitchen operational! I added the counter top and sawed holes in it and added the kitchen sink and the induction cooking plate. And it all worked, hurray.

What’s left to do on the kitchen (yeah, big project…):

  • Add three more cabinets on the other wall.

  • Add some door handles.

  • Fix up the openings to the left and right (but that can wait for a bit).

  • Add the skirting (Dutch: plint).

Anyway, here’s the kitchen as it looks right now:

Kitchen operational! logo

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