New-kitchen-made dinner and cool beer

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A big day today: the kitchen got a big step towards completion! The proof:

  • We ate a simple supermarket dinner that we heated in our oven.

  • I enjoyed a cool beer to go with that dinner. Cool from our refrigerator.

  • I test-washed a few cups and some spoons in our dishwasher.

That’s three pieces of equipment that actually work! The electricity works, the water disposal works and the tap water runs. I also got the extractor hood (Dutch: afzuigkap) working.

And this is how it looks like with the top missing and some doors left out:

Kitchen mostly done

On monday I hope to get the top installed, including electrical cooking and the washbasin and water tap. And on tuesday the remainder of the kitchen off on the other wall. Work enough to do! We’re moving this saturday… logo

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