Ants outside the kitchen

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In the previous entry, there was dust inside the kitchen; yesterday there were ants outside the kitchen:


It was the yearly day that the ants with wings (queens-to-be) take off. Always a busy time with lots of ants outside the nest.

Ants are industrious creatures, but I felt slow all day. I spend three hours on one piece of electrical connection. This included drilling two holes in our brand new kitchen cabinets (sniff, sniff). And about one meter of wires. So it wasn’t much, but there were lots of details. Time sink.

In the afternoon, I made a start with remodelling the water connections and water disposal from the kitchen. It needs to move 30 cm in order to fit our new kitchen configuration. Slow, again.

In the evening, I got help again to lug 200-something kilogram of laminate flooring from the ikea to home (with his car). I won’t put in the floor today, but I’ll need the laminate to determine how to set up the connection between the kitchen and the floor exactly. logo

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