Dust in the kitchenΒΆ

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Dust. Dust everywhere. Today I finished most of the electricity for the kitchen. It turned out to be more visually pleasing to hide some of the wires by cutting small channels in the (reasonably soft) wall. I used my new angle grinder for that.

I read about potential dust problems on the internet yesterday evening. So this morning I bought a nose cap and a fresh, undented, pair of plastic safety glasses. Good thing I did that! What a complete and utter mess. Dust everywhere. Luckily it stayed inside the kitchen area. When I was finished, there was quite some dust floating around in the air:

Dust in the kitchen

But in the end I got all the electricty that I could do at this stage done. All nice and proper, even. Proper tubing, so no loose wires. Proper connections (Dutch: lasdozen) everywhere. And nothing blew up on the first try :-)

My brother helped out again and he spend most of the day assembling ikea kitchen cabinets. In the end we managed to hang up the three upper cabinets. To get a better feel for the looks, we added one of the doors (still without a handle, though). It starts to feel real! You can also see the electricity in this picture, btw:

Electricity and upper cabinets
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