Roof window part two

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After yesterday’s half a day of work, today I spend a full day (till 17:00) on the roof window. Summary: I got it installed. After the necessary (see yesterday’s blog post) extra sawing I got to install the window frame with Annie:

connecting the frame.

Count my luck!! It appears this standard window size doesn’t quite match the building practices and building materials of 30 years hence. The water proof boards on the sides were too long. Or at least, the roof tiles needed room in the place where there were water proof boards… So I had to cut into them and bend ‘em up to make room for the roof tiles:

installation adjustments.

Likewise, the top water proof board was just 5 cm too short. Luckily I had a left-over piece of water proof board that I didn’t need with my old-fashioned roof construction, so I could hammer it flat and use that to overcome the 5 cm gap. In the end, I got the roof window installed. It looks great compared to the old one. The extra size and the construction mean that there is a whole lot more light in the room.

finished roof window

Ok, tomorrow I get to install the one missing bit I still need to install that I forgot today. And I get to buy a bit of roofing material to cover the small openings left by my cutting and sawing to get the roof tiles to fit. Oh, I and I have to buy some board material to finish off the window on the inside.

Overall, I think I did a pretty good job. I’m pretty proud of myself that I managed to install such a window myself, especially with the problems I encountered along the way.

Tomorrow evening will be the real test of my handiwork: they forcast pretty decent thunderstorms with hail tomorrow evening right now :-) logo

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