We bought our house!

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A week ago we cycled past our soon-to-be-ours house and saw a lovely word “sold” (Dutch: verkocht) pasted over the “for sale” board hanging from “our” window.

'sold' sign.

This morning, thursday 23 June, Annie and I actually bought the house. We went to the notary and signed a bunch of papers and the house was ours. Half an hour beforehand, we inspected the house one last time with the housing agent to make sure nothing was amiss since the last time we saw it.

One thing turned out to be amiss. I noticed the lack of a switch for setting the speed of the mechanical ventilation system. There turned out not to be such a switch. But… the mechanical ventilation system, which was thus supposed to run at a fixed speed, didn’t actually run. The housing agent made a note of it, so I’m left wondering whether something’s done about it or whether we have to repair it ourselves. It is our house, after all :-)

This afternoon, the kids helped out with removing old wallpaper. In the two rooms upstairs that needed un-wallpaper-ing, the wallpaper wasn’t attached all too solidly. The final goal in that wallpaper’s life was to provide 10 solid minutes of entertainment and shrieks of joy as both our kids teared down the wallpaper with their bare hands. (Note: the wallpaper downstairs was more appropriately resistant to removal).

See below for a picture of two Destroyers of Wallpaper:

destroyers of wallpaper
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