House buying: this week on thursday

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The wait is almost over: this thursday we’re going to buy the house. The paperwork is done apart from that one final signature this thursday!

Wow. I’m actually feeling a bit nervous. It is a whopping pile of money and it is quite a loan we’re taking. It is a loan we can handle pretty well and we have a perfectly normal loan, not one of those high-risk fancy ones that they’re thinking of banning. But still :-)

So from thursday on I’ll be busy fixing up the house. I intent do do some blogging about that. Perhaps I should make wifi at our new house a higher prio. Ah, I have to make that a higher prio anyway as I want to combine my internet service with my TV service (Dutch: xs4all adsl met tv). And I want that TV to be able to do some Tour de France viewing while I’m busy. Ah well, priorities… logo

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