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It is sunday evening and tomorrow morning I’m going to Amsterdam for the conference. I’m staying at home at night as it is close by enough. It’ll mean less night rest than I’m normally getting at a conference, as I’ll have to subtract a one one-way hour commute (two hours total) from every conference day’s night rest.

A big part of a preparation for me means preparing my talk summaries. Last year I wrote a metric buttload of summaries and this year I’m going to do the same. This does mean looking up all the talks beforehand and preparing a text file on each and every one of them. With a link to the project readily pasted in and a proper reference to the author.

And an photo pasted in. I want, somehow, to have a photo for every entry. Normally I take photos in the conference town and at the conference, but I don’t stay in Amsterdam itself, so I won’t have much chance at making photos. Only of the station and so. So what about model train photographs? Not a bad idea at all :-) I’ve got a lot of photos of excellently modelled railways. Not the common toy railways you’re probably accustomed to from your little nephew’s loft, but Real Modelling Endeavors.

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