Lightweight python deployment servers - Luit van Drongelen (PyGrunn conference)

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He’s mainly going to talk about uWsgi. He’s especially not going to talk about apache :-) (Most in the audience were still using mod_wsgi + apache, btw).

The reason he got involved with lightweight python servers as he’s got a small hobby server only, so running apache with a couple of apps on a 256Mb memory server isn’t fun.

What’s wrong with apache?

  • By using ngnix for your static files you can easily double the response rate for a much lower memory usage than with apache.

  • Ngnix can natively connect to uWsgi and apache cannot.

uWsgi is fast and self-healing and sysadmin-friendly. It runs everwhere except on windows. It is more performant and has a lower memory footprint than mod_wsgi. Handy: it can handle multiple python interpreters, also in multiple virtualenvs. Very handy: it kills off misbehaving worker threads so that such a thread doesn’t bring your entire server down.

uWsgi can do more at the moment. It isn’t wsgi-only anymore. It can handle long-running tasks for you if needed. If needed, you can run it with its own build-in webserver for testing purposes. And there’s support for clustering.

According to him, uWsgi has the best feature set of the available lightweight python wsgi servers. And it is faster.

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