House paperwork: all but one contract signed

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A couple of days ago I said we were going to buy a house. Well, almost everything that needs signing is signed for that.

Two days ago I got a PDF of the proposed house buying contract. I phoned them with two minor corrections. They’d send it to the current owner to sign and then we could come over in a few days.

Yesterday we had an appointment at the mortgage agent (who is in the same office as the real estate agency) to sign the mortgage papers. Done. Similarly the accompagnying life insurance papers and so. Now we have to wait two or three weeks for the actual mortgage bank to process our request.

After signing, we asked the real estate agent whether by luck the contract had already arrived. “I’ll check the mail, it just came in a few minutes ago”. And yes, the contract was there, ready for us to sign. “Do you have 10 minutes?”. Yes, we had :-)

So now both contracts are signed. We have to wait two or three weeks for the mortgage to process. And then we can go to the solicitor (NL: notaris) to sign over the house ownership to us and to get the key!

Wow, it was only three weeks ago that we first started looking in earnest :-) logo

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