South migrations for geospatial field types

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I wanted to create a south migration for one of my django apps. An app with geospatial field types. Oops:

$> bin/django schemamigration lizard_opendap --initial
 ! Cannot freeze field 'lizard_opendap.point.geom'
 ! (this field has class django.contrib.gis.db.models.fields.PointField)
 ! Cannot freeze field 'lizard_opendap.line.geom'
 ! (this field has class django.contrib.gis.db.models.fields.LineStringField)

 ! South cannot introspect some fields; this is probably because they are custom
 ! fields. If they worked in 0.6 or below, this is because we have removed the
 ! models parser (it often broke things).
 ! To fix this, read

Weird. I googled a bit and found out that support for those geom fields was added some years ago. So it should work.

The solution: I forgot to add 'django.contrib.gis' to INSTALLED_APPS in I thought that entry wasn’t needed anymore, so I tend to leave it out. (Iirc, it used to be necessary because of geospatial databases, but those databases work just fine without adding django.contrib.gis to INSTALLED_APPS now).

Yep, now it works:

$> bin/django schemamigration lizard_opendap --initial
 + Added model lizard_opendap.Setting
 + Added model lizard_opendap.SourceModel
 + Added model lizard_opendap.Scenario
 + Added model lizard_opendap.ModelResult
 + Added model lizard_opendap.Point
 + Added model lizard_opendap.PointValue
 + Added model lizard_opendap.Line
 + Added model lizard_opendap.LineValue
Created You can now apply this migration with: ./ migrate lizard_opendap
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