Django Fiber - Dennis Bunskoek (Dutch Django meeting)

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At leukeleu / ride the pony they’ve made a simple, user-friendly CMS for all your Django projects.

Django fiber is one app with pages, contentitems, images and files. It replaces the django flatpages app and a couple of other things like treemenus, frontendadmin and so on.

It aims to complement your project, it doesn’t take it over. It adds simple menus and pages where you can add simple content items. And there’s front end editing and drag/drop reordering of page items.

They want to have the customers edit the website themselves so they don’t have to change small things all the time (and that the customer doesn’t have to pay them for 15 minutes all the time). You can add /@fiber to the url and you can log in and you get an edit sidebar.

The edit sidebar means it doesn’t intrude that much on your regular site layout. Editable items can be edited in-place by clicking on them (you get a popup with and edit form).

In the sidebar, you can have a list of prepared bits of content (like your address data) which you can drag into the page. If you change it, it is changed everywhere at once.

It works with a couple of template tags and custom middleware. Template tags for page parts and menus.

An example site: or .

The part of the web interface that talks (with ajax) to the site uses django piston on the server side for the REST interface.

  • By design, it doesn’t include workflow. Every site that might need it has different needs, so that’s custom every time.

  • You can include your own URLS in the menu structure, mostly.

  • There’s no password-protection for pages right now. You’ll have to roll your own (middleware or custom views).

  • Custom pieces of content (like a list of blog items) can be either a custom view or an extra context processor.

Every site they currently make includes django fiber, so they’ll have to maintain it :-) logo

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