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Osgeo live is a “live” bootable DVD with a completely installed xubuntu version with many open source GIS tools pre-installed. It is a “live” DVD that runs as-is, so you don’t have to install anything on your harddrive. The DVD was given to everyone at the conference. (It was also used in the workshop that I attended). You can also install it on a USB drive. And the DVD runs fine in virtual machines.

On the project website, you can find descriptions of all the included packages. And a “quickstart” introduction for every package on how to test it out wiht the live DVD. Also included: descriptions of the standards that are used.

Who build all this? More than 60 volunteers world-wide. For every package, a release must be made that’s suitable for the DVD. Communication happens on mailinglist, wiki and IRC.

There are multiple releases per year, so it is always up-to-date. You can use it to test the programs without installation. Very handy for teaching or workshops. You can extend it and change it (for instance switching the language or adding a conference logo to the background). Example data is included.

You can help by giving feedback and tracking bugs. You can help maintain one of the packages. You can sponsor it. You can give the DVD away. Make use of it!

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