Fossgis 2011 impression

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Toller Konferenz! Nice conference.

Why did I go here? I wanted to get lots of input. We are using lots of open source geospatial stuff and there are bound to be other libraries that we don’t yet know about. And I came to get ideas. And to learn.

Yes, I got a lot of input. Lots of projects presented something. I discovered there’s a hydrology working group at the OGC. I saw, which is apparently interested in expanding to the inland waterways.

And most importantly I got inspiration to check out several projects. It is so easy to get distracted by day-to-day software building and to forget to check out new technologies. I do check out new technologies, but mostly web and python related, not geospatial related. This is a good reason for me to expand my new-technology-examining to geospatial stuff, too. I’ll have to make/get some time for that at work :-)

Our company’s logo is a frog. I’m happy to report there were frogs at the conference too. See (or rather hear) the little buggers in the video below. logo

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