HP deskjet f2100 on OSX (via fritz!box modem)

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I’ve got an HP deskjet f2100 at home. Connected via USB to a “fritz!box” adsl modem. It connects just fine using ubuntu. It works just fine if I plug it into my mac directly. It worked just fine when I had a mac and this modem/printer combination in 2009.

In 2010 I didn’t have a mac. Now I have one again. But I forgot how I got my printer to work via the modem. I knew I had to do something non-standard, but what… Now I’ve got it working again so I’m writing it down so that I don’t forget.

First things first: use the settings everyone tells you to use: ip printer, direct socket connection, fritz.box:9100, no queue name. That part works fine.

The special thing: the build-in driver doesn’t work well enough, somehow. You need to download the hpijs drivers for osx. Grab all three downloads on that page, so ghostscript, foomatic and hpijs itself. Just install them.

When picking the driver in the OSX printer settings dialog, type “f2100 hpijs” in the search box and you’ll find the right driver. And yes, I’m finally able to print.

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