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2011’s is really gearing up. I like the looks of the fresh website. 6/7/8 June in Amsterdam, here I come! And the sprints afterwards, too, of course.

I’m on the conference organizers’ mailing list and word is that already half the available tickets are gone! So get yours while they’re still available. Early-bird discount pricing is valid till this Friday, btw.

Some good things I want to say about the conference location:

  • Amsterdam is incredibly accessible. Every big airline flies to Schiphol airport (Amsterdam’s airport). And the TGV/Thalys/ICE high speed trains are there, too.

  • I’ve seen the conference center itself (pakhuis de zwijger) on the inside two times at a Dutch plone user group day. Good building for a conference, to be sure.

  • I haven’t seen the sprint location on the inside, but surely nothing beats a medieval city gate building as a sprint location :-)

On the bad side: Amsterdam must by a city of robber barons if those hotels are that expensive. At least the official conference ones are expensive in my opinion. I’m sure there are way cheaper ones (but I don’t know which ones). Anyway, I live 45 km away so my company probably won’t spring for a hotel room. Ah well, I’ll get to sleep at home. It’ll be short nights with the extra travel time… :-)

See you in Amsterdam! You’ll hopefully get to see a talk by my as I just submitted two talk proposals. I hope one of them gets accepted. logo

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