Turtle sprinting, day 4

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Today was my turn at cooking: pancakes for lunch!

Pancake lunch

Anyway, tomorrow afternoon we’re leaving. So what did we get done today?

  • The desired graphviz visual output from both of our tools is done! One of the two main goals.

  • More cleaning and even more cleaning. Scripts from 2006 in dire need of major cleanup. Now they’re getting that cleanup.

  • My helper methods for doing away with lots of boilerplate code were added to more files today. Lot of code that’s disappearing: fun and handy for later maintenance.

  • Apart from the two main turtle parts (“rural” and “urban”), there turned out to be a smaller third one: “geo”. I whipped that one into shape in the new structure in an hour or so.

  • We’re trying to get some large-scale testing with full models done. I wrote a helper method to deal with comparing the results and Jonas is now hooking up scripts and data.

I just did a bit of statistics on the code: we went from 31300 lines of python code to 26408, so we managed to chop off some 16%. Adding functionality and having fewer code: that’s great.

Well, tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll try to finish off most of the loose ends. We already accomplished what we set out to do, so everything extra is, well, extra :-)

Sluice inspection
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