Turtle sprint, day 2

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So, wednesday morning. I didn’t get arount to posting something at the end of tuesday as I had to hop on the bike back to Nieuwegein at the end of the afternoon. My wife and me had tickets for a theater show: the complete works of Shakespeare by the silly buggers of the reduced Shakespeare company. Fun evening. This morning I got back. Bit of a fog combined with a chilly morning means I’m clutching my coffee to get warm fingers again :-)

Ok, main points that we did yesterday:

  • Finished the buildout for turtle-urban. It works well and reliable. Finally it is easy to collect all moving parts: essential for the installer.

  • The installer: it is alive! For turtle-urban, we now have a pretty proper windows click-click installer. TODO: keep it from downloading files. Pieter is fixing that right now.

  • I simplified the logging handling greatly. Just instantiate your own logging with a logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) and call a custom logger setup function I tucked away in a library. So basically two lines and you’re done. Instead of the existing 20 lines per file like in most current files. I could luckily reuse existing code as a colleague already figured out how to hook up python’s logging to an Arcgis window.

  • Several files got the new logging setup. That solved their logging problems and made their main() method clearer. This also means we started a new cleaner basic turtle script template.

  • Several bug fixes and lots of trac ticket cleanup.

Myself hard at work :-)
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