PUN (Dutch python meeting) tonight: reminder

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For everyone in the Netherlands: tonight (wednesday 16 February, 19:30) the Dutch python meeting is in Utrecht.

The last lightning talk slots just filled up, so we’ve got a full program tonight:

  • “Theming with xdv, Paste and fanstatic” - Maurits van Rees

  • “Publish your CHANGES!” - Jan-Wijbrand Kolman

  • “pypy rocks – even in the real world!” - Jasper Spaans

  • “Using a python commandline in ArcGIS” - Coen Nengerman

  • “Fanstatic” - Jan-Jaap Driessen

  • “Web2Py, why another webframework?” - Nico de Groot

And of course the two bigger talks (30 minutes):

  • “Trac from a developers point of view” - Christo Butcher

  • “Geographic information websites for water management” - Reinout van Rees

At the moment some 25 people put their names on the list, so I guess we’ll have 30+ people tonight. Feel free to come! (Putting your name on the list isn’t needed, it is just for getting an idea beforehand for buying cola and beer).

When you’re coming: the zakkendragerssteeg is to the right of the kentucky fried chicken on the side of the market square and to the left of the king Arthur restaurant on the oude gracht (the canal). There’s a red fence: go through there. There’ s sign on the fence with a phone number in case somebody closed it later at night.

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