Python meeting Utrecht on wednesday 16 February

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The next Dutch python meeting will be next wednesday in Utrecht at our offices. (See my blog entry).

Today I saw two fresh talk submissions for that evening:

  • Christo Butcher has a 30 minute presentation on trac from a developers’ point of view. Christo gave a presentation before with an incredibly entertaining demo of python-steered voice recognition software, so I’m looking forward to this new presentation. We’re using trac inside our company, so that raises my interest even further :-)

  • Jasper spaans will talk shortly about pypy, the python-implemented-in-python project that seems to become better and better and better and faster and stronger. Yeah!

So hop over to the meeting wiki page and add your name to the attendant list. And preferrably sign up for a 5 minute lightning talk!

You can also mail your name to me ( and I’ll add you to the list. (You’re free to come without adding your name to the list, of course: that list is just for making sure there’s enough beer and orange juice) :-)

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