Upcoming: Dutch Python meeting wednesday 16 February 2011

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The next Dutch Python usergroup (“PUN”) meeting will be in Utrecht, in our office (Nelen & Schuurmans). On wednesday 16 February. See the announcement on the python website.

So, yeah, you’re all invited to attend! If you’re planning on coming, if possible give a quick indication by adding your name to the list on the python website so that we can plan for more beer or so if needed.

There’ll be the usual great mix of subjects. I’ve personally enjoyed most of the PUN meetings that I attended. You meet a lot of people and you hear talks on lots of subjects. The mix in talk lengths helps:

  • There are two longer 30-minute talks (one of them’s mine at this meeting). Good for hearing in more detail on a nice project or cool new piece of python technology.

  • And 6 or 8 short 5-minute “lightning talks”: a quick mention of a handy trick or a new private project or some call for help. You always pick up at least something from these short snippets!

My 30 minute talk will be about our water management websites. Bit of background on the kind of data we’re handling (like automated water level measurements from Dutch water boards or shapefiles with geographic representations of our analysis). Explanation how we’re managing to display all those different kinds of data in one basic website framework so that we minimize double work. I’ll mention mapnik (openstreetmap), openlayers, jquery and blueprint css.

So: feel welcome on wednesday 16 February 2011 at 19:30!

In the picture below, our office is the one on the left. Not the fancy city castle :-)

Our office
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