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Just saw this on twitter. Linkedin can create a nice visualisation of your network. ( My visualisation turned out pretty OK:

linkedin visualisation

It correctly identifies four main groups.

  • Former student club.

  • A big bunch of python/django/plone.

  • Construction informatics research (“my PhD subject”).

  • My current company.

Regarding my (former) workplaces and their connection to my python/django/plone cluster (the blue one on the right), it is nice to see a difference:

  • PhD colleagues? My water management colleages at my current job? No connections. I’ll have to get my IT colleagues to increase their python network, though :-)

  • The Health Agency? The small brownish purple that sits right next to the python cluster. Two colleagues were very active there.

  • Zest software? Indistinguishable from the python cluster. Fully integrated. Yep, most of us were very active in python/plone. Funny to see it visualised this way. logo

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