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I’m real satisfied with the service I got at, both requested and unrequested!

I wanted to order some spokes and a new rim because I bought a second-hand nexus 8 gear hub. For this, you need to get the right length of spokes, obviously. So I e-mailed for the measurements on the rim I picked: I got them right away including a tip for a website where to calculate the spoke length. I got the measurements including instructions “use this for value ‘a’ and this one for value ‘b’ on that website”. Hurray for service!.

I ordered the rim and the spokes, but I made an error with the spoke nipples: I ordered the wrong kind (‘11’ instead of ‘14’). So I got a phone call! Hey, sir, it seems like you ordered the wrong kind, do you mind if we change it to the correct size? Excuse me? Yes, of course! Hurray for totally unexpected great service!

So there you have it. A great hip hip hurray for!

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