New rythm

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Yeah, cycling to work. Living cycling distance from your job. A year ago, that became reality for me. This also meant a new rythm to my day.

  • I get out of bed around 7 in the morning. No more alarm clocks blaring at 6. And my morning routine is much more relaxed, for instance by eating breakfast at the table instead of munching on it on my way to the tram.

  • I’m home on time for having dinner with my family. This year, I hope to go to work a bit earlier so that I can get home earlier in order to do more of the cooking.

  • More regular exercise! Every morning and afternoon for half an hour :-)

  • Around that same time, I also started changing my… (electrical) shaving routine. Being less hurried in the morning meant I could shave myself leisurely while doing a bit of bible reading. Finally, I’m doing it regularly again. (If you don’t read the bible, you’re free to substitute the newspaper or the Lord of the Rings or so :-)).

I’m feeling pretty blessed by living this close to work!

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