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2010 has shaken off its mortal coil. It has gone the way of the dodo.

Time to take a good look at my weblog statistics after yet another year of blogging. I started keeping track of the amount of writing I did two years ago or so. Measuring something is knowing it (it sounds much better in Dutch: meten is weten).


Writing is important for me. It helps me collect my thoughts. It helps me think things through more. And, importantly, it allows me to give back to the community: open source gives me a lot and by writing about it I get to do my bit to give something back.

If writing is important, I’ve got to keep at it. One entry a month isn’t good enough. On average, I write some 100 entries per year, so about one every three or four days. So I keep an eye out for those statistics, to see if I’m slipping.

I’m a bit disappointed at not making the number I made last year: 94 instead of 130. So I’ve set myself a preliminary goal of… one post per day. I’m totally unsure if that’s feasible, so I’ll see how far I manage it in January.

Here’s to lots of python, django and cycling posts in 2011!

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