Wednesday 3 November: Dutch python meeting coming up

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Hey all you Dutch folks out there: on Wednesday there’s a Dutch python meeting again. It is dead smack next to Arnhem station, so especially for those who think Amsterdam is too far away: this could be your chance!

There’s going to be a talk about the new goodies in Plone 4. I haven’t touched Plone in the last 1.5 year, so I’m looking forward to that presentation. Hudson is all the rage now and we’ll be treated to a talk on that by Remco. Remco works where they’re really into Hudson, so that’s going to be good, too.

There aren’t many lightning talk slots filled yet. I’ll at least show my handy checkoutmanager tool for juggling all your hg/svn/git/bzr checkouts. So if you’ve got a small (or big) pet project: by all means tell us about it!

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