Whiteboard with a capital W

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I’m in love with whiteboards. Look what we got in the mail:

The whiteboard arrived

Well, “getting in the mail” means “hauling it up three flights of stairs” as a 4x1m whiteboard sure isn’t going to fit into our elevator. The right 2/3 of the whiteboard will be the place where we manage our agile projects with plain old post-its. Drop in once and we’ll explain it to you. We’re still experimenting, but we’re enthousiastic about it and it is already taking hold.

It is fun to get “inspection tours”: quite a lot of colleagues are wondering what we’re up to with those post-its and that huge whiteboard :-)

Inspection tour by the secretaries

I must say that the optimum in whiteboards is still my former job at Zest software where we had two walls covered with whiteboards :-)

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