Cyclemeter stop detection works ok

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I recently bought the iphone app cyclemeter when looking for a reasonable GPS app for capturing the track of my weekendly cycling trips.

Railway bridge 15km to the south of Utrecht, NL

The app I used before that (trails, from everytrail) didn’t piece the trip together in the right order when I started new segments at stopping points. Bummer. I mean, this trip was a nice round trip before trails messed it up!

So I tried cyclemeter, but that didn’t even allow you to stop a trip manually. Till a few weeks ago. A software update brought automatic stop detection. It’ll detect quite reliably when you’re stopped and won’t count it towards your totals.

See last Saturday’s trip. There’s a small hickup after 22km where I stopped it manually and forgot to put it back on for a few hundred meters… I should have let it do that automatically :-) One thing that’s still a problem: power consumption. A 4 hour trip is about maximum for my 1.5 year old iphone battery.

I really enjoy making those trips. 72 km, 3.5 hours, 21+ km/h on average. A couple of weeks ago I took a day off and re-cycled our 2008 holiday route: 125km in some 6 hours. And a few days later I went to a exhibition near Leiden: 70 km in the morning and 60 km in the afternoon, making 130.

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