Testing beer

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Last week I went to the Dutch Django meeting. Of course there was something to munch on and something to drink. Part of the drinkable stuff was, of course, beer. Four different kinds of Dutch beer. I didn’t watch the Heineken that was on the kitchen counter, but I did keep an eye on the speed by which the other three kinds of bottles disappeared: an impromptu beer test!

The beer test
  • Clear number one: Hertog Jan, just one bottle left.

  • Number two: Brand. Two half-sized crates: the bottom one is already empty.

  • Dead last: Amstel.

Just so you know :-)

This thursday I’ll have a real beer test, btw: we’re going to drink different kinds of Belgian beer in a company outing. (We’ve still got a job opening for a Django developer :-) Both experienced or enthousiastic beginner is fine).

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