My wife is looking for a job, so give here one

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Well, that’s an unusual subject, right? Yes, my lovely wife is looking for a job. (Dutch: mijn echtgenote zoekt een baan. Ik hou, gezien het reguliere publiek hier, m’n tekst gewoon in het Engels.)

  • She writes well. Especially Dutch, of course. She studied history, which is basically the best study for reading, writing, summarizing and gathering information. So not only writing, but also doing a sizable bit of background information search for that.

  • Writing: yes, also for websites, which fits my own natural public on my weblog. She maintains most of the content on a Plone website that I set up, so she’s comfy with a CMS. And she’s got her own (wordpress) blog.

  • For practical reasons: 12-20 hours per week max.

  • Bonus points if it is a job at a governmental organisation (Dutch: gemeente, bijvoorbeeld) in the educational field. She worked as a municipal educational officer, for instance.

  • She’s also good as a secretary. Preferrably a bit on the hard side instead of on the boring side. A former employer once asked her to come and work for the new organization that she then worked for: pretty good indication that she’s hard working and efficient.

So: need someone intelligent who can write? A good secretary? A researcher/writer? Preferrably with website experience? Get her.

Some practical points:

  • Yeah, 12 till 20 hours max.

  • We live in Nieuwegein and we don’t have a car, so either work-partially-from-home or accessible by public transport or bicycle.

  • Get her, she’s good.

  • Her Dutch CV is online.

  • See her linkedin page.

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