Lightning talks monday

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Lightning talks accompanied by actual lightning! Pouring rain!

Markus Zapke-Grundemann: Open spaces

“Open spaces” is is from the 1980’s (Owen) for unplanned meetings.

  • Those who come are the right people (so don’t complain that someone important is missing or that someone’s not qualified or so).

  • Whenever it starts is the right time (so no time planning).

  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have (so don’t complain afterwards).

  • When it’s over it’s over.

An important thing: the law of two feet. If you’re not interested, just walk to a different session. It is not impolite.

Alex Gaynor: making template tags suck less

He likes almost everything about django, from urls to internals. But template tags suck. Too much boiler plate. Custom argument hacking. 50% boiler plate: 45 lines of code for 4 lines of real code.

Solution: django-templatetags-sugar that cuts down on the boilerplate.

Kai Diefenbach: LFC (lightning fast CMS)

LFC is a django cms based on jquery. Lots of features so a huge amount of slides that I’m not going to write down here :-) Well… portlets, permissions, workflow engine, variable templates, some SEO stuff like valid html/css and so. All default django goodies.

Markus Zapke-Grundemann: Deutsche Django Verein

Deutsche Django Verein is the German Django association. A verein is a German structure which means the association board isn’t personally financially responsible.

It was started to organize conferences and to improve communication between django users in Germany. So if you’ve got questions about Django promotion and getting in touch with django people in Germany: get in touch with the Django Verein!

Jakub Vysoky: RVirtualEnv

Relocatable virtualenv: RVirtualEnv. Inspired by the real virtualenv, but it doesn’t symlink core python libraries and so.

Getting around Berlin

(Note: it is pouring rain right now, so the comment was that we’re apparently getting around with an umbrella).

Just use public transport. Go to a station and grab a public transport map. On internet, go to . You’ll probably only need zone A+B. Some interesting ticket offerings. 2 hour trip is 2.10 Euro, that’s what you’re normally build. An all-day ticket is pretty expensive at 6.10. A small-group all-day ticket is 15.90, which is a good deal.

Where to go: there’s no center! It is basically multiple cities that joined together. Alexanderplatz is OK and Frankfurter Allee, too. Friedrichshain is really good: food, bars, parties. Further south is Kreuzberg which is also nice for parties. If you’re getting old and you need food and solitude: Schöneberg. logo

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