Limiting my cycling speed

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One of the greatest joys I have now is my morning commute: cycling to work! On a recumbent bicycle (ligfiets). I’m enthousiastic about it and I like to improve my condition a bit, so I end up cycling quite hard.

One drawback: I need to change my shirt at work.

Today I decided to try to limit my speed. My cruising speed is normally some 23-26 km/h now. Wind in my back and an open road: some 32 km/h max at the moment. I picked a target speed of 18 km/h.

It is actually quite hard to maintain such a speed! If someone’s cycling 17 km/h in front of me I pick up speed and overtake him. Oh, I’m at 23 km/h. Better slow down a bit or I start sweating like an otter again. Hey, I’m not paying attention and I’m at 25, oops!

It did work this morning. This evening I’m not going to restrict myself. Better change to just a tshirt, though :-) logo

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