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Yeah! Just saw on twitter that the registration is open. Time to push some buttons inside the company to get me there!

First time I’ll be at a django conference, so I’m naturally curious about the athmosphere there. I’ve of course met lots of django programmers at europython and the Dutch python user group, so I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Fun and a huge learning opportunity. I always learn a lot by going to a large number of presentations at such a conference. I write things down (also known as “live blogging” nowadays :-) ) for two reasons:

  • It forces me to pay attention. If you make a summary you have to pay attention. The result is that I’m pretty tired in the evening after a day’s hard work :-)

  • Easy to give back information to my colleagues. I can re-read my own notes and tell them the juicy bits or I can point them towards those notes directly. Anyway: great reference material if you want to look up something yourself after a year or so.

Traveling to Berlin: I’ll take the train. Reasonably priced if you order in advance. If you’re from the Netherlands: a superdiscount ticket gets you there half price if you order a week in advance. There’s a direct train Schiphol-Amersfoort-Hengelo-Berlin every two hours. logo

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