Python and django job in Utrecht (update: not active anymore)

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At Nelen & Schuurmans we’re doing more and more web work so there’s room for a new colleague!

Update 2010-05-21: we’re interviewing several candidates right now, so the vacature is now closed.

Some quick unofficial points about the job and the company:

  • Most of our code is Python (the rest is c/java/R). We use Django for our customer websites. Lots of geoprocessing, so google maps, openstreetmap, WMS, openlayers, mapnik and all other fun stuff that I myself am slowly learning. And javascript (I threw jquery into the mix and we also started using extjs).

  • What Nelen & Schuurmans does? Water consulting. Water quality/ecology (no stinky stinky and lots of fishy fishy) and water quantity (no wet feet and no shrivelled crops). For waterschappen, towns and provincial governments. Innovative. Lots of modelling. Diverse employee background: civil engineering, ecology, geography, computer engineering, etc.

  • The code is open source (GPL), but we’re not actually really releasing it. At least I find that we’re not clear about it yet. But GPL it is :-)

  • We use a lot of open source, so it is an advantage if you can find your way around a bit in the open source community and if you can pick good libraries for reuse.

  • I’ve introduced proper packaging in the three months that I now work here. So I’d personally prefer you to like properly released and reliably working packages :-)

  • There aren’t many tests yet, but we do want them. I’ve added test runners to everything I’ve laid my hand on till now, so we just need to fill ‘em in. So if you can point so some piece of software for which you’ve written tests…

  • We’re dead smack in the center of Utrecht. So close to Utrecht Centraal station and close to the ice cream seller.

  • As developer, you can work on ubuntu or windows (please, let it be ubuntu…) Most of our customers have windows on their servers. Most of ours are on windows, too, but we slowly move away from that for our internal website deployments.

So… if you want more information: I’ll be at the Dutch python usergroup meeting this wednesday (24 March). logo

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