Cycling to work

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Cycling to work is great. There’s one drawback: you sweat if you like to build up a bit of speed. The last couple of (cold) weeks I’ve had success with two things:

  • Wear less. I still wear my winter coat, but just a t-shirt underneath. I get warm enough when cycling to be comfortable, but not so warm that I start sweating heavily.

  • That t-shirt is actually a one of those quick drying sports shirts with a get-moisture-from-the-skin-t-shirt underneath. So the bottom two layers of what’s often called the three layer system. They’re already 8 years old or so but still work well. Of course I have to change at the office.

For changing at the office, you have to take some clothes with you. To prevent wrinkles, I fold my t-shirt and shirt (overhemd) double lengthwise and then roll up the t-shirt and then roll up the shirt around it. Keeps it free from most wrinkles.

Deo tip: the nivea silver deo actually works. Those silver particles they’re putting into some clothing now to prevent them from reeking? Nivea managed to put them into a deo. logo

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