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It is now friday of my first week in my new job. I like it!

Main task in such a week is getting to know the company, finding your way in the office, setting up email, browsing the source code, etc.

  • A big bonus is starting right dead smack at the beginning of the new year and thus with the new year company-wide meeting where the goal for the next year is introduced and some data on the past year is shown. This immediately gave me an overview.

  • There are two other new colleagues. So the three of us got several introductions throughout the week to the major work areas in Nelen & Schuurmans: just an informal meeting and a bit of introduction on the work area. It did give me a pretty decent idea on what happens here. Fun.

  • One of the other two new ones sent an email to everyone with a short introduction. Good idea! So I followed up with a short one myself, including a link to this website. Wow, a personal website is an effective introduction. I got quite a few comments from people that browsed it (and the photos). “Hey, you’ve got a recumbent”. “Hey, you like trains”. “Oh no, not another christian :-)”.

  • What works well: a common lunch. All together at the table (well, two tables). You sit next to a new colleague every day.

All in all: good first week. logo

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