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Yeah, I’ve got a new job starting 1 January 2010! It’s at Nelen and Schuurmans, a water management consultancy company with a strong IT arm. And “IT” in their case means “80% python”.

Why did I switch jobs? Two main reasons:

  • The job is in Utrecht. I live in Nieuwegein. That’s max half an hour of cycling instead of my current 1.6 hour of one-way commute. I finally regularly get to be home on time to have dinner with my family! This is the number one big advantage.

    My current job means 2x1.6 hours of commute, 4 days a week. So I kept googling once a month for “python utrecht”, but never found anything suitable until now:

  • I’m a civil engineer by education. And I love civil engineering! And Nelen and Schuurmans is a civil engineering company. The combination of civil engineering and python is The Ultimate Jackpot for me.

A big change for me will be that they’re working mostly with django and I’m used to zope/plone/grok. I did do a django project while working at Zest software and liked it quite a lot. So: pretty excited!

Oude gracht in Utrecht, close to my new work logo

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