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I made an addition to z3c.recipe.compattest, which is now released as 0.12.1.

Problem 1: normally you have to specify all the packages you want to test by hand in the include option. If you have a new dependency, you can easily forget to list it.

Problem 2: we used to use plone.recipe.alltests, which basically tests everything testable that’s available. Problem is that you have to manually exclude a whole list of packages that have bad or non-runnable tests. With grok 1.0 we had to exclude some 15 zope.app.* packages, for instance, as their tests didn’t run.

Solution: use z3c.recipe.compattest, but fill in the list of packages automatically. You specify one (or more) packages in include-dependencies instead of include and z3c.recipe.compattest picks them up AND adds their dependencies you listed in setup.py.

Your compattest part can be as short as:

recipe = z3c.recipe.compattest
include-dependencies = my.package

Assuming you’ve got your setup.py dependencies up to date (use z3c.dependencychecker!), your bin/compattest will test those packages that are most useful to test. And if you add a dependency, your compattest will include it.

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