iphone as a poor man’s GPS recorder

I don’t have a GPS, but I do have an iPhone. Theoretically, that ought to work reasonably well as a GPS tracker device. I don’t expect perfect results or usability.

The first app I tried didn’t work right: my trail was filled with strange hops all over the place as points were being recorded even when the accuracy wasn’t right.

Thanks to a colleague I now have the Trails app. Just $2.99. Not perfect, but pretty close. The important point for me is that it filters out the points with not enough accuracy. I used it on my cycling trip last Saturday:

Zaterdag rondje at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: Geotagging Community

(See also http://reinout.vanrees.org/weblog/2009/10/17/cycling-exercise.html).

(Updated: everytrail doesn’t use <br/> but ye olde <br> breaking my atom feed. Sigh.)

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