Google streetview in Nieuwegein (NL)

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Google streetview is definitively trying to get a good coverage of western Europe. I just spotted a streetview car in Nieuwegein (some 60k inhabitants). At the moment only three big cities are covered in the Netherlands. You can just spot the car at the far right:

The biggest surprise I got was during our summer cycling holiday. We cycled through a rural area of Germany. Just some small towns. Suddenly you see a google streetview car coming towards you! Ok, next small town. Looking for a place to have lunch. Left or right? Hey, there’s that street view car standing right behind us. It overtakes us and I whip out my camera (10 second movie below). Cafe is closed, so we cycle back. Streetview car again. We’re standing still in a side road next to the cemetary to eat some cookies: streetview car again. Well, four chances to end up on a photo :-) logo

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