Testing. Of course.

Tags: python, zestreleaser

To test or not to test. At least four people in my blogfeed talked about duct tape programming. One of the tenets of real duct tape programming is I don’t have time to write tests.

To fail eventually or not to fail eventually. I just know some weird zest.releaser bug is going to bite me some time as I haven’t yet written any tests for it. Lots of other pieces I (co)wrote have lots of automated tests. Passing off tests as unneeded must be met with ridicule.

To be productive or not to be productive. I had a productive pair programming session today. Figuring out a problem and solving it by writing a doctest that shows that the corner cases we could think of are handled just fine by the newly-fixed code. We’ve got working code. We’ve documented what the purpose is. And the tests will scream bloody murder the minute someone messes it up. Solid productivity!

p.s.: Adding tests to zest.releaser is now on my TODO list.

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