Pep8 checker is now easy-installable

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First things first:

For years, there’s been a python code style checker that does a pretty decent job of warning you of common offences against the python style guide (“pep8”). I’ve always kept a local copy in my tools directory with a shell script around it to run it.

What would be nicer than doing an easy_install pep8 instead of googling for Well, it was just a single file without a And when I checked again a while ago, it still wasn’t on pypi. And the original location is down. Fate unknown at the moment as email contact failed.

A blog entry (at the daily build) pointed me at Chris Burroughs’ github copy which also included some extra fixes. I added a and fixed up the documentation a bit and mailed Chris and he included my changes. (First time I used git, btw). He’ll probably pull in the latest changes I made on my copy as I managed to bork the on the first try…

Anyway: for all your installing pleasure:

Thanks to Johann Rocholl for making the original! When re-surfaces everything can of course be merged back. logo

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