Recumbent seat: ventisit (“ligfiets zitje”)

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(Dutch: zie /ligfiets gedeelte)

Ding-dong. The postman delivered a large but light-weight package today. A Ventisit seat cushion for my flevobike bike.

For my m5 28-20, I needed a new seat as the old wooden one was coming apart. I was lucky to find a second hand one online for 50 Euros, but it was just the hard plastic part, so I needed a seat cushion. The one solution everyone was raving about was the Ventisit. So I bought one. Happy as a cyclist can be.

  • You can leave it on your bike, rain or no rain.

  • The rain drips through rapidly. Even after a heavy rain shower, the seat is virtually dry (provided you drilled a hole in the bottom of the seat!)

  • It is comfortable (I took the 3cm thick version instead of the 2cm thick version).

  • It feels “solid”. There’s no sideways movement, so it doesn’t affect your driving (apart from being nice and comfy).

  • It ventilates very well. It made a lot of difference with my previous seat cushions!

So when I re-instated my flevobike (that still had an old seat cushion), the first thing I did was order a ventisit (and a new tire for my back wheel). Ventisit: well worth the money!

ventisit on m5 and flevobike logo

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