Cycling partly to work part 2: flevobike

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Last week I cycled partly to work. 18.5km to a station. 20km/h on an old m5 28/20 that sorely needs some cleaning after a long holiday. Which disappointed me a bit.

Last week I also cleaned up my other recumbent bike, a flevobike bike. Most important: clean the roller brakes completely to make them, you know, work. A functioning brake is pretty high on my list of requirements :-)

This morning I took the bike out for my morning’s commute. In the lowest of the two seat settings, so pretty aerodynamic but slightly harder to get started from a dead stop. WOW. An almost 25km/h average including stops. Instead of the 20km/h I did last week.

  • It is a wonderfully comfortable ride on a flevobike. Simple but well-working suspension. Steering with your legs, so no hands on the handlebars.

  • A bit more aerodynamic than the m5 in the lowest setting: quite a difference, actually.

  • Aargh, I really need to clean out the m5’s gears…

  • Aargh, I need to exercise starting more, as there’s one very tricky crossing for a front-wheel-driven flevobike: I fell on the way back. Nothing serious, except a bit of frustration.

  • I’m very happy with the SPD click-pedals I added to the flevobike. They came installed on the second-hand m5 I bought and I liked them there. I like them even more on the flevobike as that one has to be steered with your feet.

Wonderful morning and evening sun on the landscape both ways. A joy to behold. Commuting is fun this way! And good for my condition. logo

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