Contact lenses and late nights

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I’ve encountered an unexpected side effect of wearing contact lenses: you’ve got to watch out when you stay up late at night! One day per week or so, I stay up quite late. I’m a night owl and I enjoy having a couple of uninterrupted hours. Whether for coding, movie watching (my wife isn’t that interested in Das Boot), website maintenance or just plain reading.

But when it is time to hit the sack, I need to do a quick mental calculation. My contact lenses need to stay in a slightly aggressive cleaning fluid for 6 hours. If you put them in your eyes before the 6 hours is up… that’s apparently painful. Something about peroxide that needs to be stabilized/whatever.

So at what time do I want to get up in the morning? Is there 6 hours left? Otherwise I’ve got to use the non-aggressive fluid that’s OK for storing but not for regular cleaning.

Ah well :-) logo

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