Europython Grok sprint day two

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On Saturday we had the last day of the sprint. Again everybody got down to coding: getting the bugs out of the way! A lunch was organized, so we had quite some time for actual working. And for some well-deserved beer in the Irish pub (cheap food, good beer, drunken loud English guys…) afterwards.

  • Template registration stuff api refactoring is still going on. It is getting better and better. Martijn will continue it later on. It is pretty hard to make it explicit and simple without ending up with too-elaborate code.

  • The grokcore.view View/CodeView refactoring is almost done. The dependent packages are all fixed, except for core grok (which needs releases of several packages), so we’ll do that on a branch. And the update notes. Christian tackles the grok branch and I’ll tackle the upgrade notes.

  • The wsgi login.html issue is fixed, including test. Hurray!

  • The new grok.view permission still needs to be integrated in several packages, fixing some tests for every one (the same kind of test and code changes that had to happen for the grokcore.view changes).

So: out of five original issues:

  • Two fully fixed.

  • Two basically fixed, but needing some solid follow-up to finish the last bits.

  • One needs some real work.

“So, can we release 1.0 tomorrow?” No, not yet. But out of five major blockers, four are completely or basically fixed. We need one or two weeks to finish off those last steps and a beta of 1.0 can go out. I’ll look at the 1.0 bugs again this week with Jan-Wijbrand in order to postpone most of them to 1.1. I want that 1.0 :-)

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