Europython grok sprint day one

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We had a good day of sprinting today. There was a short list of five bugs on the menu (see previous entry), so we immediately divided up in pairs and just started fixing the bugs.

  • The xmlrpc bug was fixed by a new zope.publisher 3.4.8 release done remotely by Michael Haubenwallner.

  • I paired with Christian Klinger on the view/codeview split and got that all sorted out. It is still on a branch as we want to bring the code coverage of grokcore.view up to 100% (it is now at 96). Getting it the first 1% up already uncovered one bug :-)

  • Uli and Martijn made a change in zope.publisher and tweaked around with unauthorized exceptions for the login.html/wsgi problem. It seems to work, but needs polishing and testing.

  • Todd, Souheil and Kevin fixed the zope.public permission bug by creating a grok.view permission. Grokproject now gives everyone that permission, so if you want to close down your site: just remove that permission. A new grokproject release has to await a new grok release because of the version numbers.

  • The template dir for multiple views was worked on by Godefroid and Vincent, but this needed more discussion than initially thought so the bug is still there.

So: I’m totally happy with the outcome!

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